Some great texts by Khaos about the problems of school. Great Writing in my book :-D

- If I Cared
Equal Rights?


     Check this out. It's a great Manifesto. Also the Hacking beginner texts are up=) 

- Elusive Masquerade Manifesto


     Ok, as you can tell the site is under going some major revisions thanks to Scramble45. We still have a whole lot of text to put up. In the meantime enjoy some of these texts. I wrote these three.. Enjoy :-D

- Are We Free
- Are You Afraid?
- Epiphany


    I have uploaded many of the phreaking texts in the text files section, I have also finished the forum which is now up. As of today I have uploaded two pdf. files which contain information on programming various cell-phones. I got this information exclusively from a friend whose brother works in Radio Shack. Like RaT use to say "Nobody can stop Information Insemination" The files are here and here ...

 New Site Design.
         By: Scramble45

 Hope you like the new design.. neat image huh?
 Talk about the new design in the Forum / BBS section of the site... Enjoy


 - Epiphany

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