Das Manifest

"What we've got here is failure to communicate.
Some men you just can't reach." -Strother Martin

        Above any programming skill, security system or computer hardware knowledge (some of us donít even know a shit about computers), we all share the same disgust about the lack of respect and the perpetual repression made among us, our peers and our race in general. A world afloat in lies and more lies, in public opinion manipulation, corruption, reality alleviators and so-called needs designed by a few marketing graduates and psychologists who learned pretty well how to use the remaining human innate skills in order to hook the people and use them as tools to perpetuate their absolute monarchy. This is how the hive protects itself from evolution. The queen doesnít have to fight to stay king of the hill, workers fight each others, the same way we does, getting trained to see each other into one single dimension, to see each other in binary, a combination of 011010 and XX or XY ultimately creating the illusion of a human frame. That process is going on from such a long time that most of us actually trained themselves and succeeded to become that kind of pathetic array of binary coding... "Should I choose between the face lift or these silicone tips? Or letís get both..." and you will be the idiot getting excited by her new binary array next week. No place left for feelings. In fact, you now have to pay to buy your feelings daily to fill up the empty spaces of your 9 to 5 nightmare. Feelings has become a business in itself and you can be sure an healthy-food psychologist faggot will end up cashing them into a brand new BMW convertible to show how many tormented souls he pretends he cured. A dumb blind confederation of suburban idiots congratulating themselves having the same blood type than Tom Cruise and a larger swimming pool than next doorís neighbor.

        Everything has become easy enough to allow the dumbest otist to do whatever kind of activity they can actually pay for. Universities and college-level schools now promotes "learning disorders" with special bursaries while most of the true lunatics end up screwed in the administrative catch 22. This is what our "democracy" is about: leaving our faith in the hand of any two-legged brainless monkey. The word "democracy" itself became the worst buzzword of all. Why worrying you might wonder? "Life's just too short anyway" you say, and if you think too much, you might end up missing your daily sitcom on your 27" digital flat screen. Time factor has nothing to do and there is no justification for allowing senselessness. People are getting brain-dead to the point where they are actually paying to advertise the shit they are consuming at a depressing rate. Society has became a huge McDonald's. Everybody has become similar under the neon lights that irradiates shafts of broken glass. The way the Industrialized North pulls the strings with that "globalisation" process is such that if a painter would mix his entire color palette into one big melting pot leading to a disgusting uniform brownish tone. And when something looks brown, smells like shit and tastes like shit, chances are good that this thing turns out to be shit. This is precisely what is happening from too much uniformity, this race for nationalism and the way we have to mass-market any kind of processed junk all around the planetary beehive.

        People are getting crazy, everywhere it's getting worse. Between a life based on the latest hollywood crappy scenario and their own personnal twisted minds corrupted by a childhood being driven by Kraft processed cheese and happy purple dinosaurs singing non-sences. The problem arises from far behind the fact that the regulations that outline our lives are sketched by a buch of individuals who lives in skycrapers and gather an overwelming wealth from exploiting the average. The real enemy is this average itself, the John Doe who allow these opportunists to screw us up until "we will be so poor and cowed that when They will come to take away our kids we won't complain, but thank them" as stated by the Reverant Stang. You may think you are in a free country with free speech and free press... Get real, you are free to choose between NBC (owned by Microsoft and G.E. who also owns FOX Network), ABC (owned by Disney) or CBS (owned by Viacom who also owns MTV, Paramount, Famous Players, Blockbusters and name it). Useless to say that these few corps also owns thousands of radio stations, cable/local tv networks, movie/music distribution companies, magazines, major newspapers and so on... well, they own about anything you could possibly imagine. As a matter of fact, it is obvious that there is always somewhere a bigger fish. It has also been obvious that 1984 happened way back in '53. Media control is just another step towards mind control. The collective alienation reflects itself in every single aspect of our disfunctional society so that we each other become our own enemies. As stated by Albert Parsons, "formerly the master selected the slave; today the slave selects his master".

        You might say "ahh, thatís just another 21 years old left freak that took Marx too seriously" well, there was indeed a time I enjoyed myself going to the movies and looking at Rambo digging holes in dozens of Vietcong, but then you realized that these Vietnamese are now forced to shoot defoliant and herbicide that will end up in their irrigation system in the cotton crop they are forced to grow and ship overseas to be bleached somewhere where there is no regulation about the use of carcinogenic chlorine bleach. You realize that this bleached cotton crop is then sent to sweatshops in Pakistan where 1.5 million children from 10 to 14 years old catch contagious diseases such as malaria and tuberculosis for being packed into insane conditions for transforming the cotton into fabric that is going to be sent to Bangladesh in a free trade zone factory where they pay a father who has to fed his 12 children because he doesnít know shit about contraceptives 30 cents an hour of grunt work to sew the damn fabric and ship it to your beloved USA who decides to move the damn plant to Mexico where workers got cancers after spending half of their lives printing the Tommy logo on the goddamn piece of fabric that end up with a production cost of about one hundredth of its selling price that you are going to pay at the mall you are mindlessly shopping every Friday evening. You are not supposed to know that, but you just knew it and once you know something, you cannot unknow it.

        What does that has to do with a little team of pseudo-hackers playing with a few softwares in their filthy basement you might wonder. Well, we think that if everybody works in the same way, hackers as well as any other citizen living under the post-modern rise of the megacorporations, we might eventually stop performing these murders and insanities at a massive scale and start using our monkey smartness for something else than our own dumb selves. Forget about which republican or democrat clone puppet you will vote for, which clone car you will buy or whatever else self-centered activity. Turn off your tv and stop thinking about what AT&T and G.E. want you to think about and start using the remaining not-yet-altered part of your brain for a collective purpose.

- The Crimson King   09/09/2000