Defcon XII, 11, or 0x0b by Epiphany

DAY 1 Thursday July 31st

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View from our plane.

Ever seen the movie 'Fight Club'

OMG a Sprint Payphone that runs linux!!

Las Vegas Airport Lavatory

Las Vegas Airport runway.



Setting up a line of coke err sugar the way I like it.

The infamous Golden Payphone that has plagued phreaks for years.

Agent5 just couldn't wait to ow3n the out hotel room.

Me and Agent5 getting ready to jump J0hny_lightning ninja style when he comes out of the bathroom.

Alexis Park Pool #1 --Soon to be taken over by many many hackers.




Strom (a phreak from mabell) is trying to sell some ATT books to get into the CON.

We found a lifejacket from an airplane in the pool. It read "It is a felony to remove this from any plane."

It also had this humorous tag attached. ^_^ We later gave it to Dr. Faustes at a party that night.

It's about 2am and it's me, Subzero1037, and GooberDLX chillin.