Are We Free?

.....The United States of America. Land of the free and home of the brave. We may be brave but are we really, truly free.
Many of you would say yes, but then again you don't know any better. You've been told all your life that you are free. But
think about it, are you?

.....The answer is no. This country's government originally was founded to protect certain rights. These rights were the
freedom of speech, press, and privacy. Unfortunately today the thing sworn to protect them, the U.S. government, has
violated all of these rights.

.....One of the most cherished rights in America is the freedom of speech. It allows a person to speak out and voice their
opinion. Although a cherished right it is often hated by politicians. Politicians are usually greedy people who would do
anything to get their way. The most powerful weapon in their arsenal is propaganda. They hate the freedom of speech
because they cannot influence the people who speak out. To fix this problem politicians will ignore anyone who speaks out.
This causes people to give up because they see that their voice changes nothing. This in cause makes the system stronger.

.....As the system grows stronger the freedom of press is then abolished. Today thanks to several acts passed by former
presidents, corporations are able to merge and buy off smaller companies. For example one of the largest missile makers
for the U.S., General Electric, currently owns News channel NBC. So most likely when a war breaks out, the news will
glorify it by saying how great the war is.

.....Privacy is another right that is disappearing. NSA Systems such as ECHELON are capable of capturing 3 billion
communications everyday. Anything from radio owned by the FBI, that threatens security is transmissions, phone calls,
faxes, e-mails, file transfers, telegraphs, it doesn't matter. Another system, which is DCS1000 or more popularly known as
Carnivore. Carnivore has already been placed in hundreds of ISP's such as AOL and MSN and is capable of capturing
computer information as well as e-mails. And these are only systems that have been released to public knowledge. Who
knows what other systems they are hiding?

.....Have you ever wondered about this? No? That's because you have been brainwashed to think nothing is wrong.
Everyone is brainwashed at an early age. Have you ever noticed that a baby always turns its head to see a commercial? We
watch television and learn what is accepted and what is not. They force us to pledge allegiance to the flag and have pride in
our country. We are taught that communism is bad and that capitalism is best. We are taught that no country, not China, not
Russia, not England, can compare to U.S. power. They teach us to follow orders and not to think for ourselves.

.....Thought. The thing the government doesn't want us to have. If people don't think for themselves they can be easily molded
into the perfect puppet. The government fear people who can think. For people who think for themselves can be more
powerful then all the weapons in the world. So are you free in a country that shuns thought? If you say yes then congratulate
yourself for becoming the citizen your country always hoped you would be.

Written By Epiphany Of